Draws & Raffles

Meat Draws

The famous Legion meat draws are very popular here. What an excellent opportunity to meet your friends, have a beverage, and cheer on the winners through 12 draws per event! Tickets are $2 per round (2 draws), and you can enter as many or as few as you like.

Even though the meat draws are a lot of fun, we don’t hold them just for that reason. The proceeds are very important to us for the day to day operations of the Branch.

Meat Draws are held as follows:


Friday:  6:00 pm

Saturday:  4:00 pm

Check out our calendar in advance, as there are a few times each year when we are unable to run the meat draw as usual.


This is a simple game of chance. During the week, any member can write his/her name on an envelope, place a loonie inside, and drop it into the loonie box. One envelope is drawn every Friday after the meat draw, and the winner gets 100% of the pot.


Whenever a member visits the Branch, (s)he has the option of signing the honey pot sheet and putting a quarter into the box. A Branch member name is randomly selected daily. If that member signed the sheet the previous day, (s)he wins the pot!


50/50 is held during the Friday meat draw

Chase the President

Chase the President is held during the Saturday meat draw. In this game you can purchase strips of tickets for $2.00 and win 20% of the proceeds collected that evening. But, you also get an opportunity to try and pick the King of Spades out of a deck of cards and should you be successful, you get half of the progressive pot which can go as high as $20,000 dollars.