Legion Membership Information

Membership in The Royal Canadian Legion is subject to the organization's General By-Laws and to approval by the local branch to which application is made. For further information or application forms, please contact Royal Canadian Legion St. Albert Branch # 271.

There are four membership categories with the criteria for each category as follows:

Ordinary Membership

You may be eligible for Ordinary membership if you have served or are serving in:

Associate Membership

If you do not qualify for Ordinary membership you may be eligible for Associate membership if you:

Affiliate Voting Membership

You may qualify for Affiliate voting membership if you do not qualify for Ordinary or Associate membership. You must be a Canadian citizen or Commonwealth subject who is of federal voting age.

Affiliate Non-Voting Membership

If you are a non-Canadian citizen or a non-Commonwealth subject from an Allied nation and support the aims and objects of The Royal Canadian Legion, you may apply for Affiliate Non-Voting membership. These members have the same rights as all other members except the rights to vote and hold office. A member admitted under this Section is not permitted to apply for voting status unless otherwise qualified.

Membership fees as of January 1, 2018 is $60.00 for non-senior and $45.00 for 65 and over.